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Dating the Dog

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Iíd rather date my dog.

Iíve never been married, and I think I know why. I loved animals first. As a child, my teddy bears where top of the list, maybe because I was shy and found them to be safe companions. I played with them, held tea parties and gave them homework.

In high school, I started dating, but in college and after was when I had the boyfriends. Some were not so nice, or they were kind of boring, but they all were handsome. I went out with men for their looks ñ now, I know thereís more than the surface, but then I have a dog.

Her nameís Zoey, and if you read this, you need to pronounce it Zoo-eey with lots of affection. She weighs 8.8 pounds, is 1.2 years old and is 0.5 feet tall.

My miniature daschund greets me when I come home from work with wiggles starting with her tail that move her whole body into alarcity. She leaps off the chair and says, hi, hi, hi, as she runs circles around the coffee table. I really doubt a man would do that for me.

Zoey kisses me when sheís naughty or in the morning or when she runs by me. She wants to play all of the time, I mean all of the time, meaning that her attitude is all about fun.

She is my sleeping buddy, but if I toss and turn too much or hog the sheets, she doesnít say anything about it. She snuggles smack against me leaning into my stomach ñ Iím a side sleeper ñ giving me a nightlong cuddle. What more could a girl want.

She doesnít care how I look or what I wear, unless itís socks, and then she wants to take them off, run around with them a bit and drop them on the floor. But if I put them back on, she has to take them off and run around, so that it becomes a battle of the sole.

Last of all, I can say I love you over and over and not wear out the words. She doesnít have to say anything but I know in her dog language, she says I love you back. Iíve got it all, a best friend and a cuddle buddy in a nearly 9-pound package.